Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1, 2013

It's been awhile I know but I sure haven't been bored.  Today I attended Plowday

Then went to a wedding at the beach.
The Wedding was actually at the Gulf State Park Campgrounds but the bridal party took pictures on the beach  across the street so I took some shots .  That's my baby girl's toes (my were in the ugly tennie shoes I wore to work).   I missed the wedding ceremony but made the reception. :)

When I got home a got a couple of shots of a few of my flowers.

and the dog had to get his mug shot too

Fun Day!


  1. Beautiful Rose; Gardenias are perfuming the air these days, sure sign of summer.

    You have a male Cycad. Mine's female and bloomed last year and formed seeds. I planted some of the seeds, nothing has happened YET, but they say it takes a while.

  2. Funny story on the Cycad...a few years back my sister wanted a Sago Palm so I finally found one I could afford (they were selling for about $20 in a 6in pot. Then about a year later I start thinking about getting one but didn't want to the money. Well while driving home one day I see a Sago Palm on the side of the road. It was pretty good size so I just had to stop. It looked like someone had chopped it off. I stuck it in the car and when I got home planted it in the ground just for kicks. I did not expect it to live just did it to pick on my sister that I had a bigger plant than she had. Well long story short that plant has continued to amaze me. It was almost 10 years before it let it be known that it was a male plant. It was four years ago it set up its "manhood" and fearing that something was wrong I did a little research and learned about the Male and Female plants. The next year it put up two cones and has ever since. I consider it my baby. :)

  3. oops left out the word "spend"

  4. Your cycad and mine should get together, mine is a female. Lots of seeds, but have yet to germinate one. Nearest one is a quarter mile away.

    You asked about Lantana. There is a wild one that grows here that has pink and yellow flowers and grows up to 5-6 feet tall. I don't know how many colors of the upright kind there are, Lantana camara, considered invasive in Florida.

    The common ones used in gardens around here are the lavender trailing kind, the gold/yellow trailing kind and a white trailing one. The trailing ones are called Lantana montevidensis.