Monday, August 26, 2013

Drunk Chicken and the Cheerio Caper

Drunk Chicken and the Cheerio Caper

Ok so I just wanted to show off my drunken chicken.  Since I don't have one of the fancy cooking pans that I hope to someday get from Tom Jones Pottery
(of course I can't decide if I want the Baldwin Blue  or this solid blue 

or even any of the other colors he has...I love them all!)

Alright back to the story.....I fixed a drunken chicken baking pan using part of an angel food cake pan, aluminum foil and the bottom section of a Guardian Service Fryer.  Poured beer in the make-shift  cup, seasoned a fryer with salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder, set the chicken upright onto the make-shift cup and baked to a golden brown.  It was sooooo goooood.  Maybe I don't need the Tom Jones Chicken Baker but I want the Tom Jones Chicken Baker.

And now the Cheerio Caper… DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!!! Sound Effect

Well as meals and snacks go Landon's favorite choice is good ole fashion Cheerios.  Just the plain ole ones, not the sugar coated or flavored just plain ole dry cheerios.  He got the box from the shelf and headed to the table.  I guess Granny was a little too slow with getting there with the bowl because........
The little booger helped himself and was indeed proud of it.  I'm still not sure why they had to be on the seat and the table but at least he eats good food.  What he didn't eat went to the indoor garbage disposals we have roming the house.  And by the way he did not empty the whole box when he done this.  He just made the two piles.  One on the table and one on the seat.  The shirt says it all!

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