Saturday, April 13, 2013

Quiet Morning...

Sure is quiet this morning…only the sounds of barking dogs, cars pulling out of driveways and the refrigerator hum.  Landon and Olivia went with Sam to Viv’s for the night.  So do you think I slept in?  Nope was up at 6 any ole way.  So took the time to pay attention to THE BLOG.  This activity is kind of fun especially when you can get inspired by others.  Anyways…I decided to upload some pics of the brood…and highlight Landon’s all important milestone…The first haircut!  He has the most beautiful hair.  So many loose curls but his mom was insistent that she cut his hair because he looked like a girl with all those curls.  Well she is the momma.  Granny thinks they are cute specifically since his hair was easier to comb out then hers(Meg) ever was.  So after watching Meg put his hair in pigtails…which by the way she did a horrible job of…and then seeing the comical attempt at her trying to cut his hair(oh let’s not forget she is quite capable of giving haircuts since when she and Sam were younger she gave Sam a military style cut, they were 2 and 3) Granny relented and helped.  He is still cute as ever but I miss the curls.
Easter 2013  He really likes to gather eggs.

The best toy in the WHOLE WORLD!

Aunt Livy and Landon with the Easter Baskets. Landon is showing off his Bunny Slippers that Granny made.

See all the curls?


HAWK EM!  Liv at her first Lacrosse Game in Montgomery at Huntingdon College.

After the game Sam took us to her favorite restaurant in Monkeytown a Mexican joint with an Italian name.  Good food and a wonderful waiter.

Meg, Liv, Sam and Lan or should it be Don?


See the horrible pig tail job?


Good Bye Curls...I shall miss thee.
Maybe they will come back.

And now the birds are chirping right outside the door...the feeder must be empty.


  1. Handsome young man in his big boy haircut.

  2. Hello,
    What beautiful children you have. Thank you for sharing their photo and your awesome story with us at my Celebrate Your Children Blog Party. I love stories like this. Kids are our greatest joys.
    Hope you will visit often. I am also your newest follower. Can't wait to read more.
    Angel @