Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Design Wars 2013 Mystery Holiday CAL

Alright, I am joining in on this CAL.  I had to twist my own arm a bit because of the need to purchase a pattern, because funds are tight, but since there was enough in my paypal account I decided to splurge all little on myself. Beside maybe I will win a prize when it is all said and done.

Design Wars Mystery Holiday CAL

So Part I has been printed out and colors picked.
Red Heart Orchid and Burgundy...don't know why they look this bright.  Maybe the camera battery is getting too low. 

Part I is complete.......

oops forgot to take a picture before I start part II


Funny the burgundy looks red in the picture. Not sure why the camera won't capture the correct color in this picture but it did in the other picture.  But here it is...wonder if it will get filled with goodies..............

Really had a great time with this CAL and can't wait to see everyone's  Stocking. 

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